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Here is an update of our new procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue providing you meals in a safe way.

We know, and are honored, that we provide meals for your loved ones and in particular, for many of your parents and those who are in the high risk group. We know now, more than ever, we are blessed to be able to feed your family in a safe, healthy way.


1. We are switching to using restaurant food purveyors - which means rather than Join physically going to stores to shop we will order our food and receive it by delivery - thus reducing John having to go to multiple stores to find food.

2. We will sanitize even new ice packs before using them - using a heated sanitize dishwasher option.

3. We will deliver meals using no person-to-person contact method: In other words even if you are home we will place your meal delivery at your door and text you that it is there. (We won't even touch your doorbell to be safe.) For those who will not be home, as usual we will continue to offer a packed on ice option.

4. We may switch to plastic containers for food as they seal tighter than the aluminum ones do. If so, we would also provide you an aluminum plan to transfer the food to before putting in oven to heat (or you can microwave the plastic one). We are still checking the benefit of this before making a final decision.

We look forward to continuing to support your and your families during this uncertain time.

From our family to yours - love and blessings.

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Delivered to your door, ready to heat and serve, on Sundays and Wednesdays - *Currently delivering to Steiner Ranch, River Place, JESTER, GRANDVIEW HILLS, LEANDER, LIBERTY HILL and cedar park

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